Change management experts

Experts in realizing Change

SMS is expert in enabling and supporting Change processes; making sure your employees know why and how to change and are also willing and able to change!

Over the years SMS developed lots of expertise on the management of change in large international implementation programs. The most important expertise being: 'the process of change itself' in a comprehensive Change approach.

SMS focusses on the human side of change processes, learning and adoption. We support that side with our Change approach / -model, that combines an individual perspective (learning), an organisational perspective (business processes) and a systems perspective (SAP, ORACLE...) but also with experienced professionals and smart tools.

see SMS Change approach model below.

more expertises

business process experts

Proven experts in recording, enriching and (graphically) developing  business processess.

knowledge management experts

Experts in documenting  business processess, procedures, workinstructions, rules and guidelines.

(E) learning experts

Experts in designing and developing learning trajectories, including eLearning. 

Did you know...

…SMS uses its own Change approach, in which Individual change, Organisational change and System change are succesfully integrated...

SMS recommends an integrated Change approach

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