Knowledge management experts

Experts in documenting  business processess, procedures, workinstructions, rules and guidelines.

SMS delivers smart products and services to document your company processes: “What you say you do, we will help you document, optimize and deploy.”
We help you to structure and document:
Corporate Governance framework, APQC
• Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and IFRS, Basel-2
Machine directives and Security Policies
ISO 9000 - 14000 - 20000 - 27000 (WoW)
• Safety Health and Environment (SHE)

SMS considers 'Knowledge' as registration and deployment of internal and external rules and regulations. Intelligent digital tools are used to document, communicate, optimize but also innovate  these ways of working.

In all cases the Business Process Overview will be the starting point of all business activities. When employees are aware of this process overview, they will be able to ‘fall-back’ on agreed policies, guidelines, and regulations. They will know and be able to find what is going on in the Company - anytime and anywhere.

Knowledge that is well documented and deployed, can be inspected, auditted and continuously improved. In that way company processes will remain up to date. And that’s crucial, because ‘up to date’ documentation is used up to 100 times (!) more often than outdated documentation and may result in reduction of critical errors with more than 40% ! (IMC – 2017)

more expertises

business process experts

Experts in recording, enriching and (graphically) developing  business processess.

(E) learning experts

Experts in designing and developing learning projects, including eLearning.

change management experts

Experts in managing business knowledge -processess, procedures, working instructions, rules and guidelines.

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…knowledge must be anchored in day-to-day operations, uncomplicated and without significant effort. For this purpose, knowledge must be set in the context of processes and a learning-friendly process environment...

SMS recommends a learning friendly and innovative process-based working environment

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